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At Provident Retirement & Financial, we believe that capital preservation is the cornerstone to wealth management.

With a risk management focus, we work with individuals who are searching for alternatives to the traditional buy and hold strategy that left many investors at a deficit over the last thirteen years.  We are a leader in providing risk managed portfolios, as well as safe and secure (fixed) accounts for our clients.

Our wealth preservation strategies are designed to help you reach your financial goals.  Although investment vehicles may change from time to time, we utilize a variety of experienced private wealth managers of both equity and/or bond portfolios that employ risk managed strategies, as well as cutting edge fixed accounts.

Comprehensive Approach



We believe that having a detailed, well thought out retirement plan is critical in achieving a successful worry-free retirement.  Our thorough, comprehensive planning process allows us to address all of your retirement concerns, including protection from market volatility, income planning, retirement goals, legacy planning, tax planning, and most importantly, peace of mind.

Committed to Service



We take pride in understanding your individual needs and goals, and form lasting relationships with our clients so that we can continue to provide a high level of service as their needs change.  We reduce risk and provide stability to protect you from the "unknowns" in life.  This predictability allows us to implement sustainable retirement income plans to protect your lifestyle from the unexpected.

Our Founder



Garry E. Collins is the founder and president of Provident Retirement & Financial Services, Inc. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Mr. Collins’ practice meets the needs of hundreds of clients in sixteen states from New York to New Mexico. He first began working in financial services in 1992.

Held to the FIDUCIARY STANDARD, the highest in the financial services industry, Garry is an independent Investment Advisor Representative. This means his only employers are his clients, thus allowing him to custom-tailor retirement and financial plans without the influence of firms who want to push particular products or vehicles. With that being said, his firm can access virtually the entire universe of investment options available in the United States.

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